The Orgasmic Arc - Workshop with Genevieve and Sabs

Join Genevieve as she guides you through her signature framework, The Orgasmic Arc, to turn stagnation and numbness into authentic pleasure.

Embody the 0rgasmic Arc™ Workshop with Genevieve and Sabs

Feeling like you understand what you want sexually, but have no clue how to get there?

Tired of consistent dissatisfaction in your sex life and ready to discover what else is possible?

Ready to learn how to use pleasure to uplevel all areas of your life?

It's one thing to understand it. It's another to embody it.

Join sex and relationship experts, Genevieve and Sabs, in this 90-minute, comprehensive workshop where you will discover, maybe for the first time ever, what authentic pleasure looks and feels like in your body.

*This is a recorded course... there is no live participation.

**Keeping with Eventbrite guidelines, this event is not sexually explicit or pornographic. This an educational workshop with lecture, theory, and practical elements as explained in details below. Demonstrations are done with clothes on.

In this workshop, expect to experience:

  • A guided, embodied self-practice that leads you all the way to bliss and ease.
  • How to fully meet yourself exactly where you are s*xually and release the pressure to perform.
  • What it feels like in your body when you have true, authentic turn-on arising.
  • A super hot demo of what's possible in relationship with The Orgasmic Arc™ system. (No nudity)
  • True s*x magic and how to make all things possible, in pleasure!

You don't want to miss this epic workshop with erotic experts, Genevieve and Sabs.

Sold out? Can't make it?

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Your Facilitator

Best-selling Author of F*ck Yourself Open, Genevieve (she/her) is your go-to expert on mastering sexual energetics. Genevieve moves high-achieving couples and singles from stagnancy and burn-out to full blown turn-on and aliveness through her signature 0rgasmic Arc Framework. Genevieve is also an Erotic Blueprint™ Master Trainer (through Jaiya, s*xologist for Tony Robbins), Former Professional Dominatrix and she is Certified in both UPLVL Communication™ by Kenya K Stevens and Accelerated Evolution Psychospiritual Methodologies under Satyen Raja (trainer for T Harv Eker, Gabor Maté, etc). Genevieve is certified in Somatic-Based Chakra Therapy by Anodea Judith, author of Eastern Body, Western Mind and Wheels of Life and has a background in psychotherapy, graduating Magna Cum Laude from Marymount Manhattan College in NYC. Genevieve is also a former professional dominatrix and has received extensive training in BDSM and kink.