The Pleasure Talk

Join us for an interactive workshop on creating safer sex and more pleasurable connections through awesome communication! 

"The Talk" has taken many forms with many names over the years, with frameworks for navigating safer sex and healthy boundaries including Evelin Dacker's "STARS" & Reid Mihalko's "Elevator Speech", among others. This class builds upon skills learned using these tools, and offers an updated framework created by and for our Sex Positive community. You can use The Pleasure Talk in your own relationships, at our events, and anywhere you find yourself in intimate connections with others.

This workshop was collaboratively created by Dawn Woodard, Avery Deane Swift, Erin Tillman, and Randall Hibbard with support and input from members of our Portland and Los Angeles chapters.

What to expect: This workshop will be very interactive with opportunities for discussion as a whole group and to practice the pieces of the talk in smaller breakout rooms. You'll meet the facilitators at the start, we'll set some guidelines for the event, and then you'll get to check-in with some of the other participants in small breakout rooms. For the rest of the workshop we'll introduce the talk and then go through the three parts of the talk, followed by an opportunity to practice each in small group breakout rooms. We will also have a bio break about halfway through. As with all of our workshops, you can always opt out of any activity at any time and you don't even need a reason :-).

What are the different ticket prices? We offer a sliding scale so you can choose your contribution based on your capacity. We thank you for choosing Regular or Funder when you can to help us build our community and support those who need to pay less.

Note: this class counts for leveling purposes in SPW and in many chapters where a safer sex talk class is part of leveling up requirements. If you're a chapter member, check with your chapter leadership if you have questions about those requirements.