The Rope Collectvie's Foundations of Suspension with GRENDEL

Part of our Core Curriculum. *Prerequisites

This event will take place at The Rope Collective Studio in Barrio Logan, San Diego. Visit the Contact + Location tab of our website for studio access information.


Building on the Collective's Floor Series and Partial Suspension Series education track, the Foundations of Suspension is the prerequisite for our suspension series and is designed to allow a tying pair to finally come fully off the ground. During class we will evaluate the risks associated with suspension and discuss ways to mitigate or reduce them in order to enhance the safety around suspension. We will talk through various best practices when it comes to handling uplines, hard points, and associated hardware. And instructors will take observations of student's technique to ensure tying pairs readiness for suspension series and classes.

This course and Foundations of Partial Suspension are prerequisites to take the suspension series or any suspension courses at the collective.


-Completion of Floor Series

-Single column tie

-Suspendable chest harness

-Suspendable hip harness

We strongly recommend that students complete both Floor Series and Partial Suspension Series prior to attending the Foundations of Suspension and Suspension track.



Wear clothing that allows you to feel comfortable, empowered or expressive. This is not a play party and all guests will be encouraged to come in clothing that comfortable and/or expressive in ways that feel good to them but required to keep under garments on and pelvic area covered. We suggest something that you might wear to move freely without feeling restricted. Separate top and bottom that allows you to expose legs, arms, and belly may feel good for the interactive portions of this workshop but is optional.

Please bring anything else that allows you to feel comfortable and we ask that you limit usage of strong perfumes/aromas to support a variety of sensory needs. Here's a list of items we use throughout most of our events, classes + workshops that will support your experience.

• mat/blanket

• jacket/sweater + layers for varying comfort needs and temperatures

• 1-2 hanks of rope + safety shears/cutting instrument

• notepad /pen

• water + snacks

*We have mats, blankets, pillows, safety sheers, snacks + NA beverages, and clean rope to borrow and for sale.


This event is hosted at The Rope Collective studio in Barrio Logan. You can find our studio access information under the Contact page on The Rope Collective's website and the link will be sent in email confirmation under "Additional Information" section.


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