The Snuggle Lab!!

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The Snuggle Lab!!

Join us for a cozy and heartwarming consent based evening at The Snuggle Lab!! Experience the ultimate snuggle fest where you can unwind, relax, and embrace the warmth of human connection.

At The Snuggle Lab we believe in the power of consensual touch, warm hugs and affectionate cuddles to heal the soul! Whether you're coming alone or with friends, our welcoming atmosphere guarantees a night of pure bliss. Leave your worries at the door and let our cozy venue transport you to a world of comfort and serenity.

Our team of professional snugglers AKA the Facilitators will guide you through a welcome circle where we will discuss social agreements around boundaries and consent, then we will do some group activities to help us all get acquainted, ensuring you feel safe and supported throughout the event. From soothing group cuddle sessions to relaxing massage circles, we have it all. Snuggle up with like-minded individuals and let the positive energy flow!

Come dressed in your PJ’s, your onesie, your favorite lingerie or any outfit that helps you feel sexy, and FREE!

All genders and gender identities are welcome!

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This event is being hosted in a private home with limited capacity. We therefore REQUIRE ALL GUESTS TO REGISTER ONLINE IN ADVANCE. You may invite anyone you wish to this event, but all attendees must have a ticket to gain entry and space is very limited so please do not delay!



We like to affectionately refer to the Snuggle Lab as a "2nd Base Event." It's the halfway point between a Cuddle Party (white event) that is completely "non-sexual" because clothes must stay on AND the full on Play Party (red event) that allows for full sexual expression. So the Snuggle Lab is a pink event where we allow sweet, sensual energy to run. Where we gather to flirt, touch, massage, run tantric energy, play, laugh, cry, share intimacy, vulnerability and whatever else is most alive for us in the moment.

It’s a drug and alcohol-free event where we can relax and connect with like-minded people in a safe and 100% consent based environment.

More specifically, it's a social laboratory to practice expressing what feels good and what doesn’t, learning to ask to get your needs met, safely setting boundaries, and perhaps even overcoming rejection!

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  • 7:30pm - 8:00pm: Doors Open, Mix & Mingle
  • 8:00pm - 8:45pm: - Opening Circle & Orientation (Doors Close - no late entry)
  • 8:45pm - 9:00: Connection Exercises
  • 9:00pm - 11:30pm: - Self directed Snuggle Party
  • 11:30pm: Final Requests before Closing Circle
  • 11:45pm: Closing Circle
  • 1 2:00PM: Clean up and Goodbyes.


  • Early Bird: $33 (limited number available)
  • Regular: $44
  • Day Of: $55

TIME: 8:00pm - Midnight

DATE: Every 1st Saturday

LOCATION: Private Home "The Kundalini Kastle" Old Town San Diego, 92110 (Exact address provided with ticket purchase

8:00pm is the cut off for all arrivals and so that we can create a container of safety so no one “new” will be admitted after the circle is cast.


Singles, couples, poly and mono people and celibates of any race, experience and sexual orientation are welcome. We also welcome everyone from the complete novice beginner to experienced teachers, and anyone who identifies as open hearted, touch positive, kind, compassionate, patient, respectful, conscious person interested in safely exploring sacred sensuality.


Single men or women who are not comfortable hugging, holding hands or eye gazing with other men or women. Since this is a sex positive LGBTQ+ friendly environment, homophobia is not welcome.


  • Please arrive on time.
  • The doors will be closed once the “Opening Circle” Begins.
  • Verbal permission is required before engaging in any touch.
  • Everyone is given permission to say No at any time for any reason, and if they say yes they are encouraged to change their minds frequently.
  • Sacred sensual energy exchange is celebrated, but this is not a Sexual Play Party. Aside from Kissing, there is no bodily fluid exchanged at this party.
  • Partial nudity is allowed/Bottoms must stay on.
  • At or around 11:30pm we will call a closing circle to meditate, reflect and share the highlights and lowlights of the evening.
  • You can leave at any time prior to the closing circle.
  • The hosts are available to intervene or mediate if anyone feels unsafe in any way.

The facilitator may ask you to leave if:

  • You arrive after the circle has started.
  • You are (or appear to be) using drugs or alcohol of any kind.
  • You touch someone without getting a verbal “yes.”
  • A participant complains about your behavior.
  • You are verbally argumentative or abusive.

If you have any other questions or concerns please speak with the Snuggle Facilitator or an Assistant.


Please come showered and clean with NO strong smelling perfumes or BO. Dress in clothing with layers that makes you feel sexy, beautiful and confident. You may also bring vegetarian nibbles to help keep the energy flowing through the evening. Breath Mints are encouraged, chewing gum is not. (No drugs, alcohol or meat of any kind, garlic and onions are strongly discouraged.)


**Limited Capacity event: To ensure your spot please purchase a ticket ahead of time.

***Exact address sent upon registration



PAYMENT AND REFUNDS Please pay online using Eventbrite for a guaranteed reservation. Tickets will NOT be offered at the door. If you reserve and then find you cannot make it we will give you a credit for the next event ‘if’ you contact us and let us know. There is no refund or credit if you don’t show up. For credit to be applied we must have an email with your request on file prior to the start of the event. Refunds are only available if you give us 72 hrs notice.


Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to indulge in the warmth of human touch. Reserve your spot at The Snuggle Lab!! today and prepare for an evening of pure relaxation and rejuvenation.

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