The Weimar Vamp Presents SILHOUETTE: Redwood City Variety Show

  • Hosted by Weimar Vamp Productions
  • Redwood City, CA -
  • 52 people on the list-

Fun high-quality nightlife entertainment ... without leaving the Peninsula!

Featuring burlesque, drag, and other variety performers on a catwalk stage, Silhouette is a sensual, ecstatic experience, both sexy and outrageous. Come for a good time, stay for the good feels.

Featured in July:

Star Sapphire

Cha Cha

Redd FaFilth

and all the way from Sacramento, Evangeline Laveau!

with your host Luma Jaguar, stage kitten Shiza Minnelli, DJ Glitter Done, and your producer (and birthday pal) Dorian Dietrich!

RESERVED SEATING: $25 front row, $20 all other seats. * Standing Room Only seats available for $10 day of show AT THE DOOR*

Seating upstairs from 7:00 p.m., show at 8:00 p.m. The Hub is open for drinks and food from 6 p.m.

Tipping is encouraged! We welcome throwing dollars onto our stage - it's fun for you and pumps up our performers. <3


Silhouette was a queer club in Weimar-era Berlin. Frequented by such stars as Marlene Dietrich (Dorian’s namesake) and Anita Berber, this smokey nightclub was a haven for Berlin’s queers to show out in their chosen expression, and we aspire to be a space where everyone can feel empowered in their expression.


Please note this show happens upstairs and there is a staircase but no elevator.


The Hub RWC

2650 Broadway, Redwood City

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