Theta Drum Journey & Sound Bath with Phoenix Song

  • Hosted by The Center SF
  • San Francisco, CA -

Step out of your ordinary consciousness as you journey to trance drumming that activates theta brain waves to experience calm and clarity.

To prepare for this otherworldly odyssey where you can meet your power animal, spirit and ancestral guides, and tap into a non-ordinary consciousness, we will open our hearts and quiet our busy minds with various sound healing practices such as mantra, chanting, singing, and didgeridoo.

The whole universe is vibrating with sound. All the cells, organs, and systems in your body are making music. While we can’t hear most sound vibrations, we can actively and passively receive sound’s healing effects to retune our bodies into a more optimal frequency. We will start out with an active chakra sound and movement meditation to tune our chakras, or energy centers. This will help us feel more connected to our bodies, centered and aligned. Afterwards, we will chant a sacred mantra and sing a world spirit song to help us come into our hearts and release dopamine, endorphins, oxytocin, and other chemicals that promote well being and connection to others.

The Australian indigenous peoples used the didgeridoo to tell the story of their dreamtime, or creation. I will play the didgeridoo, which has powerful sound waves that can dislodge energy blocks and help you enter a dream-like trance state, and offer individual sound healings to those who desire.

After these heart-opening practices, the Native buffalo drumming will start where you can enter a non-ordinary state of consciousness, meet your guides, and receive messages and answers to your questions. We will do some partner and small group shares to help clarify your intention for your journey and integrate your experience.

This workshop is for those of any experience level. Beginners to sound healing practices/theta journeys and experienced practitioners alike are all welcome.

Wear comfortable clothes. Please bring a blanket (or warm clothes) and a yoga mat. Limited yoga props such as mats and blankets are available for use. Water is good too!

Phoenix Song was featured in San Francisco Magazine's Best of the Bay for yoga music. They trained in Somatic Voicework and are a Tamalpa Associate Teacher of Expressive Arts. Phoenix has performed and taught at Wanderlust, Esalen, the Yoga Journal Conference, Grace Cathedral, UC Berkeley and Santa Cruz, and festivals and retreats around the world. Phoenix studied Western and Indian classical music and play didgeridoo, djembe, Arabic tambourine, esraj, harmonium and sing like an angel. A specialist in world fusion music, Phoenix is known for their passionate, heartfelt music. They especially delight in freeing people's voices, rhythms, and lives! Phoenix teaches both private and group free your voice and free your voice while drumming 10-week classes. They also offer grief medicine rituals, ancestral healing classes, shamanic journeys, and sound baths. Phoenix's latest album Serendip is now available.

IG: @phoenixsongrises


** no refunds or exchanges are available for this event - you can sell or gift your ticket to a friend**

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