Tie by Night Rope Jam

  • Hosted by VoxBody Studio
  • Oakland, CA -
  • 37 people on the list-

Ooh la la, come spend a Friday night doing some rope at the lovely VoxBody Studio! 

The lights will be dimmed, the tunes will be sensual; we invite you to set aside the labtime and enjoy some tying in the mood. 

All levels welcome and encouraged to participate. 

*** Doors are open from 7-8:30 for entry; please plan to arrive in that window of time! 

If you are new to rope jams READ MORE HERE! (scroll down until you see 'Q: What is a Rope Jam?') 

** Please keep in mind that there is no formal instruction offered at rope jams **  

Rope Jams are a great event to:

  • get inspired by people practicing rope at all levels and witness a diversity of style and approach
  • practice the technique you have been learning in a class
  • meet people in the rope community, get to know the studio, ask questions and learn about our Core Curriculum and other offerings
  • be a part of a sex and body positive, welcoming atmosphere!

What do we mean when we say "tying in the mood"? 

  • this is NOT a play party, but rather a playful jam
  • no penetrative play allowed
  • no exchange of bodily fluids (ok, except kissing, that's fine) 
  • nudity is fine; be sure to know where the supplies are and clean the mats after you tie 
  • remember you are at a group event; we invite you to be part of creating the mood without overwhelming the mood of others, whether with the amount of sound you make or space you take up
  • still have questions? Please email us at for clarity or ask a Vox liaison at the event. 

COVID POLICY (Please take time to read through all policies and etiquette before attending an event at VoxBody!)



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