Tie Me Down Intermediate: Sadistic Floor Rope

  • Hosted by Hit Me Up
  • New York, NY -
  • 10 people on the list-

Hit Me Up: Tie Me Down 

Intermediate | Sadistic Floor Rope

You want to learn to be a better bully? This class explores several simple but sadistic floor-based predicaments of varying intensity, as well as several tips and tricks for how to cause (consensual) distress with our favorite medium, rope. These “quick and dirty” predicaments are just that–quick, simple, and sure to have your bottom sweating in seconds. We will also cover how to build a basic hog-tie / Gyaku Ebi, as well as a few pain-inducing rope-tricks.

This is a three hour, intensive style class. We will move through each activity quickly and cover a lot of content! The class will include ties fit for many different types of bodies, ranges of flexibility, and levels of masochism. If one activity isn’t feeling right for you or if you need a break, you’re encouraged to observe and rejoin on the next activity. Come prepared to nerd-out-–note taking supplies are encouraged.

All ties will be partnered! Solo attendees are welcomed and will be matched with a tying partner at the beginning of class.


  • Confident ability to create any non collapsible single column tie (think: I can tie a bowline with my eyes closed) 
  • Basic frictions (reverse tension, half hitch, munter hitch), hojo cuffs, and yuki knots. 
  • Confident knowledge of frictions lexicon 
  • Ability to follow patterns.

What to bring: At least four bundles of rope, a cutting tool, and fabric to be used as a blindfold 

All attendees require a ticket, whether you are coming solo or with a partner.

Your rope artist instructor for the evening:

 Sydona Rogue: Sydona is a Brooklyn-based rope artist, movement practitioner, and photographer who uses her training and performance experience in classical dance to inspire her ventures into experimental and experiential art of all forms. She was first introduced to the New York kink scene in 2018, and has been deepening her practice as a rope performer, educator, and facilitator ever since. In that time she has performed at events by House of Yes, House of X, House of Gemini and Scorpio, Seeking Haven, Hit Me Up!, Le Wand, Nuit des Cordes, and The Box. She's committed to creating safer kink spaces, educational opportunities, beautiful art, and connection to like-minded folks, for the sake of joy in rope.

💜 Volunteers: Volunteers needed for door and setup/cleanup. Email to express interest. 

✨Location: Lower Manhattan. The space has an elevator. Please email if you need any accessibility accommodations.

✨Dress code: Comfortable clothes for tying or being tied. Please wear some sort of bottoms that cover your genitals, but nipples of all identifications are free to get some air.

✨Full vaccination against Covid 19 is required. While we recommend getting the booster shots, we are not verifying them at this time.

✨Consent Policy: This event is for ropes and other general kink play. Please keep your bottoms on during your scenes. This is an ASK FIRST event and the rules of respectful and consensual behavior WILL be enforced. You will be responsible for reading the policy and behaving appropriately. Please click here to read our consent policy in full.

✨Membership: This event is open to the public. We reserve the right to refuse entry if needed. Hit Me Up also hosts private events which are invite only, and anyone new to Hit Me Up must apply and be approved to attend—no guests or plus ones. If you’d like to apply or invite a new member, please fill out this form: Hit Me Up New Member Application. You are welcome to inquire as to your status or that of your friends, but please do not act as if you have an entitlement to access our space or members. Building special spaces is hard, and while we are inclusive and welcoming, we reserve the right to curate our membership as needed to maintain our flourishing community.

Please stay home if you are feeling ill or if you have had recent close contact with someone who tested Covid positive (within the past 5 days). You could be incubating and still test negative. Any requests for refunds for any reason will be honored up to the day of the party. Remember: safe, sane, and sanitary Just email and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

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