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  • San Francisco, CA -

Tres Bandas Cabronas Tour features 3 Legendary Punk Headliners that will be playing rotating time slots. At the bands request, time slots will Not be revealed ahead of time. They want everyone attending to see all 3 headliners!

Total Chaos is an American hardcore punk band from Pomona, California, formed in 1989 by Lead vocalist Rob Chaos. Throughout their career, Total Chaos has created some of the crustiest punk rock ever recorded. Their sound is that of vitriolic angst directed toward the bigwigs on Capitol Hill, racists, Nazis, conformity, and other ills of society. Positively negative songs ;like "Unite To Fight" and "Punk No Die" are the rallying cries of generations of punks.

Acidez Acidez is a Street Hardcore Punk Band From México making noise since 2003, combining an amazing mix of hardcore punk, thrash and rock'n'roll ! In Punk We Thrash!

Piñata Protest is a "Tex-Mex punk" band from San Antonio, TX. Their self described sound and attitude arises from the two counter-clashing worlds that the band embraces: punk and Tex-Mex. Piñata Protest's unique and catchy sound takes the traditional folk rhythms of Tex-Mex music (conjunto and norteño music) along with the three-row button accordion and combine that with the fast tempos and attitude of punk rock, ska, and many other genres.

Screaming Bloody Marys are a Bay Area punk band formed in 1988 from the ashes of Northern California's famed Dick and Jane. Now anxious to get back onstage, the band includes members old and new playing energetic music that personifies the raw energy and rebellious spirit that characterize the Punk genre. American Punk Rock at its finest!

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