Transcending Victim Consciousness - Level II: The Reality Diamond

Learn to recognize when you (and others) are in victim and become better at accessing a calmer perspective.

*Looking for Part I? Click here for Part I: The Victim Triangle

During this two hour class with Lynne Forrest as your guide, you will learn to recognize when you (and others) are in victim and become better at accessing a calmer perspective that leads to another way of seeing your life.

You will learn how to respond as a witness to life rather than reacting blindly to it. You can begin to apply the Reality Formula and recognize the correlation between your thoughts, feelings, and reactions. This allows you to stop being at the mercy of fear and anger and allow love to guide you instead.

*This is a recorded course... there is no live participation.

**Keeping with Eventbrite guidelines, this event is not sex based, explicit or pornographic. This is an educational workshop with lecture, guided massage and communication practice, theory, and practical elements as explained in details below.

What you'll learn:

  • Discover the Reality Diamond
  • Recognize its purpose in the self-actualization process
  • Learn to apply the Reality Formula to gain higher perspective
  • Become familiar with Observer Consciousness as an alternative to the Victim Triangle
  • Experience a paradigm shift in the way you see the world

Q & A

Does everyone experience victim consciousness?

Yes. All humans are set up to experience themselves as being at the mercy of life, and to look for a problem and assign blame. This is the definition of victim consciousness.

What is the Reality Diamond?

The Reality Diamond is a diagram that illustrates two distinct states of consciousness available to most humans; victim consciousness and Observer Consciousness.

Is there an alternative to the Victim Triangle?

Yes. Observer Consciousness is the fourth position that expands the victim triangle, adding a positive alternative that turns the triangle into a diamond.

What is Observer Consciousness?

Observer Consciousness allows us to witness our thoughts, feelings, and reactions. Seeing through the eyes of Observer Consciousness encourages us to question negative perspectives, and allows us to access greater understanding, self-acceptance, forgiveness, and inner peace with ourselves, and with the world.

Lynne Forrest has been working with individuals and groups professionally since 1973. Starting as a “Personal Growth Counselor'' with a Chattanooga TN HMO, much of her work in the early days revolved around addiction, co-dependency issues and “family-of-origin” cultural dynamics. Through face-to-face interaction with hundreds of clients, applying principles and teachings from Carl Jung, Fritz Perl's Gestalt Therapy, and Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis, well as the universal laws of manifestation, body oriented practices (such as yoga, myofascial unwinding, and qigong) she has continued to develop and expand her simple, straight forward, and practical approach to awakening, and living a happier, more fulfilling life.

Lynne is an excellent teacher, and dynamic speaker, who shares clearly and compellingly on the subject of transcending victim consciousness.

*Photo by Summer Hokulani