Transformational Breathwork Journey w/Aine Grace

  • Hosted by The Center SF
  • San Francisco, CA -

Unlock more bliss, open-heartedness, confidence and wholeness so that you can embody your full power every single day.

Dear friend,

Hands down, breathwork is the most powerful tool we know because it will open you beyond your fear based mind and into deeper states of consciousness.

You’ll have life-changing realizations and they will actually stick because they’ll be a deeply felt, embodied experience and not just a surface level, intellectual understanding.

It’s like the difference between just talking about how good a bar of chocolate tastes vs. actually enjoying delicious sweetness on your taste buds!

And when your thoughts, experiences, body, and emotions are seen as holy and sacred and met with love -- shame and judgment naturally fall away so that your inner truth, desires and gifts can surface.

So you don’t have to hide from yourself anymore and can walk your path with confidence and freedom.

This is the power of breathwork, and we're so excited to share it with you.


Aine ("AHn-Ya")


In this experience, you will engage an active deep breath with a relaxed exhale to reclaim the fullness of your breath and open your body to discharge energetic holdings (from daily stress, trauma, undigested emotional experiences and looping thoughts) that consume your energy and limit your capacity to experience clarity, joy, love, and power.

This style of breathwork is rooted in Transformational Breathwork (a circular breath, in and out through the mouth).

While each journey is unique, people commonly experience breakthroughs related to physical and emotional healing (shifting patterns of chronic anxiety and insomnia), and can experience transcendent states of consciousness.


Aine will hold a strong, safe and compassionate container for this work. You'll receive individual support and guidance, including hands-on work.

The ceremony will include:

- opening circle & intentions

- thorough introduction to the breathwork technique

- the breathwork journey which lasts approximately 60-minutes and is supported by music and live sound (crystal bowls, drums and tuning forks) and hands on adjustments to enhance your experience

- closing circle for integration and sharing


1) sealed water bottle

2) layered, comfortable clothing (body temperature can fluctuate during breathwork)

3) optional: Eye mask to block out light


$50 - General Ticket

We are committed to sharing breathwork with all who are called to this work. We reserve scholarship tickets for those interested in attending but who may have limited resources. Please email to inquire.

**Tickets may be available at door, but not guaranteed due to capacity so bring a friend & reserve your spot early!**


- Breathwork is not ideal on a full stomach, so please refrain from heavy meals prior

- No prior experience is required. Breathwork is of value to anyone interested in personal growth and expanding their ability to experience clarity, joy, love and fuller vitality.

- As this process can be physically/emotionally activating, it is contraindicated for those who are pregnant, have severe hypertension or cardiovascular disease, asthma, epilepsy, bipolar disorders or schizophrenia, recent major surgeries and/or communicable diseases.


Hello friend! Aine here.

I’m a Somatic Transformational Coach and Breathwork Guide to humans who want to life a life that ignites their soul, while making the world a more beautiful place. I love supporting people who want to free themselves from unconscious blocks and have the power to create an extraodrinary life.

I may not personally know you yet, but I know this: You’re here for depth, connection, joy & aliveness. You’re ready to liberate old patterns keeping you at arms distance from the life, love and impact you came here to live -- all while making the world more beautiful through your unique gifts.

As someone who’s experienced decades of shame and self-loathing after being the driver of a deadly car accident, I have a unique understanding of what it means to turn pain, unworthiness and chronic anxiety into radical self acceptance and audacious self expression.

And every step of the way, expanding my capacity to create a mindblowing partnership with my beloved of 8 years, step into greater service and impact for both people and the planet...and doing it all from a grounded foundation of trust and confidence.

I’m here to support you in embracing your radiant wholeness through a transformational body based framework so you can feel the day-to-day joy and fulfillment that comes from living a life that makes your heart sing.

Certification & Training:

  • Inner Family Systems (IFS) - Richard Schwartz
  • Institute of Coaching Mastery (ICM) - Alyssa Nobriga
  • Integrative (Transformational) Breathwork Facilitator - Jhenneviev Heartt
  • Body Intelligence Coach - The Hendricks Institute - Katie & Gay Hendricks
  • Energy Healing, Level 2, Academy of Intuition Medicine - Francesca Mcartney
  • Somatic Experiencing (SE) Trauma Resolution - Peter Levine





I f you are interested in volunteering to assist with this event in exchange for a ticket please fill out this form.

** no refunds or exchanges are available for this event - you can sell or gift your ticket to a friend**

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