TruthFire: Coaching For Empaths

TruthFire is a three month coaching group that supports empathic people to create electric intimacy by inhabiting their full self in relationships.

In the group, you will transform old, unpleasant relationship patterns and develop a unique way of creating intimacy with less work and more inner alignment.

It’s not so much a “support group” as a pack of bright-eyed laughter-lovers who are creating relationships of radical honesty, ease, and meaning.

You can learn more, and see video testimonials of past TruthFire members, at

This is for you if:

  • You feel that you “lose a sense of self” in relationships.
  • You often hold back your voice to avoid conflict.
  • You feel exhausted by the way you “manage” relationships.
  • You are ready for FAR more playfulness and ease in your relationships.
  • You focus more on what a partner might feel than your own experience.
  • You often feel unseen, frustrated, or like you’re doing a lot of work in relationships.

What’s Included?

  • Zoom group coaching sessions twice a month (six sessions total), 6-8pmEST, March 27, April 10 and 24, May 8 and 22, and June 5.
  • WhatsApp group for questions and celebrations between sessions.
  • Buddy system for extra support.
  • Explorations, resources, and tools to help you unlock your inner truths and desires.

The Purpose of This Group

  • Unravel old, exhausting, unfulfilling relationship patterns. 
  • Create fulfilling intimacy without compromising yourself.
  • Overcome the fear of rejection and develop radical confidence through skillful use of authenticity.
  • Build the skill of knowing your truths (desires, boundaries, instincts) from moment-to-moment.
  • Let go of being the manager of your relationships… or tolerating your relationships… so you can playfully lean into your full YES and NO in connection.
  • Discern the truth of your relationships, rather than what your fears, worries, or blind spots are telling you.
  • Be part of a big hearted community of empaths who get it and can help you navigate challenges and create electric intimacy.

In this coaching group, you’ll be with ~6 other big-hearted folks like you who are dedicated to deeply fulfilling intimacy both romantically and otherwise. I will be coaching you in a group setting to have breakthroughs, and the group will be getting coached (directly and indirectly) as each person gets coached.

You can learn more, and see video testimonials of past TruthFire members, at