Twin Hearts Meditation w/Gabi Gazzola

  • Hosted by The Center SF
  • San Francisco, CA -

Let’s connect our hearts with the Universe's heart to experience a tremendous amount of spiritual energy, peace, love and joy.

Join us for a transformative experience with the Twin Hearts Meditation by Master Choa Kok Sui. This guided meditation is a powerful tool for inner peace, emotional healing, and spiritual growth. During the session, participants will be led through a gentle visualization to activate the heart and crown chakras, allowing divine energy to flow freely through their being. By opening themselves to this universal energy, attendees can release stress, negativity, and blockages, while embracing a deep sense of love, compassion, and interconnectedness. Whether you're new to meditation or a seasoned practitioner, this event offers a welcoming space to cultivate inner harmony and elevate your consciousness.

$20 early-bird / $25 at the door

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