Understanding Male and Female S3xuality - Instantly Available

Overcome frustrations for better communication in & out of the bedroom

Do you find...

  • your assumptions about the opposite s3x frustratingly prove untrue?
  • interactions with the opposite s3x frustrating?
  • better communication could enhance your s3x life (your “scene” for you BDSM lovers)?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above, this is the session for you!

***This is a replay of the live zoom workshop, and it is INSTANTLY AVAILABLE to watch***

Therein, we will touch on the above as well as male-female communication and other issues pertaining to the s3xes that are often left to speculation.

Typical public education does little to nothing to prepare youth for relationships with peers, thereby leaving a void in their preparatory learning of a crucial part of life.

Relationship education is generally absent from the curricula as are the many facets of what would help girls and boys develop into women and men, respectively, who relate to each other in healthy ways.

Even in post-secondary settings, relationship education is usually not formally discussed unless one takes a relevant course (in psychology, for example).

It is easy to grow up with distorted ideas about the opposite s3x and have relationships that suffer from a lack of understanding.

Let's have a fun time learning and growing in our s3xual appreciation for each other!


The suggested donation for this event is $20/person, $35/couple.

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Understanding Male and Female S3xuality:

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