Unlocked! Meet and greet game + play party

  • Hosted by House Of Algos
  • Los Angeles, CA -
  • 18 people on the list-

Unlocked is a BDSM play party that starts with a meet-and-greet game. It's a great way to get to know people before the play party portion of the evening starts.

Ticket Link

The Game:

Doors open for the event at 8 PM. Those interested in playing the game must arrive no later than 8:15 PM. Participants are asked to self identify as a Top or Bottom for the evening. (switches are welcome to switch back and forth but may be asked to favor the side with fewer participants) Tops line up in one line, bottoms line up in the other. Tops get a key and bottoms get a lock. All participants mingle and try to find a match for their respective hardware. When you get a match, come back up to the table to get a drawing ticket each and get a new key/lock to continue playing. The game continues for approximately 45 minutes. At the conclusion of the game participants can win sexy prizes with their drawing tickets. Also, special recognition goes to the most prolific key holder and lock holder of the evening with the prestigious title of Key Master and Lock Slave (titles adjustable if requested).

-No one is obligated to play or connect with anyone based on matching of keys and locks-

The Party:

Doors open for all guests at 8 PM. Play rooms will open just after 9 PM after the game concludes, the drawing is drawn and the rules for the party are read. After the game it is a general play party. House rules for public parties are observed for this party. Edge play is allowed with the notification of the DM. Sex is not allowed at this party. Light refreshments will be available.


Tickets are available for purchase at the door and in advance at the following link.

Ticket Link

Tickets for the game are limited to 60 participants and are expected to sell out quickly and so we strongly advise purchasing tickets in advance of the event. Tickets for just the party excluding the game are also limited to 40 and are also expected to sell out!

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