Vulva Adoration

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A guided sensual experience to the pussy

Join us for a facilitated experience of attunement and sensual touch for people with vulvas and those who wish to adore them. Janel Vitale, a certified Somatica coach and pleasure guide, will hold the container so you can relax and be fully present.

Most vulva-havers have been taught to focus on pleasing others instead of understanding and receiving their own pleasure, so this will be a powerful evening of exploration and surrender to sensation–without the pressure to reciprocate.

We will open with group sharing and connection before you settle into an adoration “nest” with your partner. Then, Janel will guide you on a consent-focused journey of exploration, affirmation and vulvanic pleasure. Whether giving or receiving, you will walk away with a deeper knowing of the mystery of the pussy.

  • Practice speaking up for what you want and making 'in the moment' adjustments.
  • Learn to give and take feedback with grace and ease. 
  • Talk about your experience with your body.
  • Be open about your hopes and fears. 

We will provide everything you need to be comfortable and safe, including scent-free massage oil, latex gloves, light fare, and non-alcoholic drinks for your enjoyment. We recommend eating a late lunch or early dinner before the event. Feel free to bring anything else you’d like to drink or share.

Guided by:  Janel Vitale, a certified Somatica coach and pleasure guide

A partnership with Misha Bonaventura and Bonobo Network, the Bay Area’s premiere sex-positive community organization.

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This event is for vulva havers of any gender identity who wish to be adored. Anyone of any gender can be an adorer. Bring a partner with whom you feel comfortable practicing. If you don’t have a partner, contact us and we’ll do our best to match you up with a partner for this experience.

We have a few sponsored tickets for those needing financial support to attend. Please reach out. Our tickets for financial support go to those who are single parents, experiencing disability, an immigrant, or other life hardship. 

Only 20 nests are available (20 pairs, 40 people). This event will sell out. 

Bonobo Network Membership NOT required, PrimeMate discount available.

Your Facilitator 

Janel Vitale is a certified Somatica Method practitioner based in the San Francisco Bay Area. During the pandemic, she became a content creator and "sexfluencer," building an online following of almost half a million people around the world on TikTok and Instagram. She became an experiential sex & relationship coach because of her long personal journey of overcoming shame about her intimate wants and needs. Now, her passion is empowering people to discover and embrace their authentic desires, especially in the realms of ethical non-monogamy and kink. In addition to leading group coaching experiences and workshops, she works primarily with couples over Zoom and in-person.

Your Host

Misha Bonaventura, along with William Winters, co-produces Bonobo Network (Interested? a community that brings together folks who understand that monogamy isn't right for everyone and that pleasure comes in many different packages. We come together to become more sexually informed, liberated, consensual, communicative, kind, and inclusive so that we can all get the pleasure, connection, and understanding we deserve. 

She teaches SlutSecure and consults individuals and communities to develop their consent culture with a harm reduction and transformative justice lens. Her private practice, Clearing Conversations, focuses on conflict resolution and communication coaching and she loves supporting the sex positive community of the Bay Area and beyond in creating sustainable, longterm relationship building. 

Bonobo Network is the largest sex-positive community organization in San Francisco. We are the opposite of a swinger’s club: politically progressive, queer-focused, body-positive, and woman and minority-run. Bonobos constantly strive to become more informed, liberated, consensual, communicative, compassionate, and inclusive so that we can all get the pleasure, connection, and understanding we deserve. We unite pleasure seekers to live more informed, liberated, & consensual lives to find new ways of relating in kind, inclusive & fun ways.

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