The Floating Folk Festival

  • Hosted by Washed Up Yacht Club
  • San Francisco, CA -
  • 31 people on the list-

The Washed Up Yacht Club Presents our first annual Floating Folk Festival!

Live music is great. It's even better on the water! We're going to tow out platforms and bring out some bands to play at a raftup. Any sort of acoustic music is welcome.

To attend this event, you MUST have a boat or have a specific captain who is hosting you. If you're coming by land, you need to confirm with your captain how you'll get from and back to shore.

Details are in progress. Let us know if you want to help, or if you know of any bands who might want to play.

The Washed Up Yacht Club is a group of boating and boating enthusiasts in the SF Bay with a different idea of what a Yacht Club can be. For 10 years, we've been building community and throwing events on the water.


1) Every captain needs to be responsible for themselves, their crew (anyone they invite), and their boat

2) Everyone attending needs to be "hosted" by a captain who is responsible for their guests' bodily fluids, food & drink, and transportation to/from the raftup.

3) We're not tying up any boats after 6pm.

4) Bring a good anchor, dock lines, fenders, and at least one e

xtra long bow line.

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