Weekly Online Breathwork Healing

Breathwork is a powerful tool for releasing stuck emotions, healing from the past, and manifesting power for your life!


Do you Need Healing?

Need to Release Emotions or Just Feeling stuck?

Are you suffering from Anxiety? Is Meditation a struggle for you?

Try this powerful Weekly Breathwork Meditation Group

Private Sessions , Private Groups and Team Building Activities available as well.

Breathwork is simple and powerful practice that is perfect for those who struggle with "traditional meditation" techniques or turning off their mind. Come lay down, relax and just breathe! This ancient eastern breathing method focuses your busy mind on your breath, allowing you to experience peace within your heart and release anything holding you back. It is like nothing you have ever experienced before!

A few benefits of breath work:

*Experience deep relaxation

*Heal physical and emotional pain

*Find your purpose

*Increase your energy

*Reduce stress and anxiety

*Eliminate depression

*Let go of the past

*Detoxify your cells and organs

*Alkalinize your blood

*Sleep better at night

Some experiences people share are:

Self Acceptance/ Self Love

Deep Relaxation

Euphoria/ Joy

Forgiveness of Self and Others

Releasing grief and loss

Connecting to a Life Purpose

Developing Intuition

Opening and alignment of the Chakras

Feeling a true connection to Spirit, Higher Power, Creator or God

Inner Peace and Harmony

Many people find the Breath Work is helpful for healing anxiety, depression, past trauma, grief and loss, shame, physical pain, and spiritual emptiness.

Let the breath guide you to the clarity you are seeking!

I am looking forward to your healing journey!

Kristin Colton, Anchored Soul H2o

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