wellness w.r.a.p

mental wellness and WRAP go together real bad. come see how.

wellness recovery action plan (WRAP) was created by Mary Ellen Copeland in 1997 as a response to experiences of people who sought better care following traumatic experiences in psychiatric institutions.

WRAP is a workbook that continues to be used to support people in defining and identifying wellness for themselves and creating plans to engage with when needed. A.P. has supported individuals with utilizing WRAP to work through stressors related to school, work, and mental health.

if you're interested in talking through some of your challenges and how WRAP might help, join us! you'll receive a pdf of the workbook and have the opportunity to ask questions about how WRAP can be helpful to you.

please note space is limited in an effort to ensure it's safe and affirming to those in attendance. this event, as all tune.of.blackness events, is QIPOC inclusive and Black + queer centered.