What is Tantra? - A Practical Introductory Workshop for Beginners

A fun, practical, and modern approach to an ancient philosophy. Easy to follow exercises with applications to use in everyday life!

What is Tantra?

We get asked this question a lot. And it's not surprising when you consider that anyone you ask can potentially give you a different answer.

You can take one Tantra class, and then attend another, and learn completely different things--sometimes even things that contradict each other!

However, there are a few things that all Tantras have in common.

And you'll get to learn them through various experiences and exercises in a fun, refreshing way!

*This is a recorded course... there is no live participation.

**Keeping with Eventbrite guidelines, this event is not sex based, explicit or pornographic. This is an educational workshop with lecture, guided massage and communication practice, theory, and practical elements as explained in details below.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand, once and for all, what Tantra really is? Not what you thought it was; not what you've seen on TV. Gain a true understanding of what it is and is not.
  • A brief history of where Tantra comes from, how many Tantras there are, and how it evolved.
  • Practical Guidance! This is not woo woo sophistry. You'll learn HOW to use tantric principles and concepts in your everyday life.
  • How to be more present in your life. If you've ever found yourself living on auto-pilot, this is one of the keys to having more joy.
  • Simple, straight forward Tantric techniques to create more connection and intimacy with a lover.

You're in the right place if you answer YES to any of these:

  • I want to know what Tantra is. I've been curious!
  • I want to be better in the bedroom!
  • I want to have more exciting and passionate relationships!
  • I want to have more sovereignty and agency in my life!
  • I want to meet other likeminded and conscious people!
  • I want to learn about masculine and feminine polarity and how to use that to create juicier relationships!

What People Say

  • Exceeded my expectations! ...the exercises brought us into the workshop in a really nice way. It very much feels like a little community and a safe place to ask questions.”
  • “To put words and thoughts and science to some of these concepts was incredibly refreshing and exciting!
  • “I appreciate the clarity with which you laid this out, and the grounding in science, but also pragmatism. I feel like we're going to bring this into our lives in a way we haven't done.”
  • "Guy, I believe you're doing incredible work at a time when it's needed most in our society. Your work is bringing balance to the feminine and masculine energy in our communities. Your work will revolutionize the way men and women relate to one another around the world."

Facilitated By

Guy Shahar is the Co-Founder and Lead Facilitator of The Tantra Institute, and the originator of Tantra Speed Date®. An Advanced Certified Tantra Educator (Level 5 Elite), he has studied a broad range of modalities including Tantra, BDSM, 0rgasmic Meditation, Morehouse, ISTA, Chuluaqui Quodoushka and others.

A writer, entrepreneur, former filmmaker, and musician, Guy is attuned not only to his personal journey in being a more interconnected lover, but about how to teach others to do the same.

Through his work with Tantra Speed Date®, he helps to heal the rift between the masculine and feminine, showing singles how to relate to each other in a new and loving way. Over 500 Tantra Speed Date® events have occurred in 35+ cities, including internationally in the UK, The Netherlands and Canada since 2017.

With numerous television appearances as well as features in Playboy, Cosmopolitan, Time Out New York, San Francisco Chronicle, The Sunday Times, and the New Yorker, The Tantra Institute has presented over 1,500 workshops led by 30+ facilitators, serving more than 15,000 students.

His decades of real-world experience, combined with inner work to move through personal trauma, has established him at the forefront of sacred s*xuality and intimacy.

More Resources with Guy:

*Please note this course is not based on any one specific lineage of tantra, but rather presents my personal point of view on how to apply tantric principles to modern day life.