What is Your Malfunction? - with Sunny Leigh Mayne and VDMAC

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Troubleshooting Hypnosis for Kink Play

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Join Sunny Leigh Mayne and VDMAC for an informative and entertaining companion Hypnokink class for all skill levels.

If you’ve taken a Hypno 101 class but find yourself getting stuck, or you are wondering how to make the jump from your introduction to the flashy, sexy demos you’ve seen in more advanced classes, then this class is for you!

In this class we’ll explore ways to identify and overcome personal barriers to successful kinky hypnosis scenes. Whether you want to improve upon the skills already learned in a previous class or you're brand new to the world of Hypnokink, all experience levels are welcome.

Bring your questions and sense of humor, as Sunny and Mac discuss their personal adventures with Erotic Hypnosis and the ways that they've stumbled and learned along the way. By the end of class, you’ll leave with the tools you need to successfully continue your own adventure!

For those in need of a scholarship in order to afford the class, reach out to Jezebel (

Instructor Bios

Sunny Leigh Mayne: (she/her) is a kink educator and active member of the BDSM community. Her interests include erotic hypnosis, dollification, sensual BDSM, age play, and primal play. She is also writer of romance and erotica specializing in dark romance and fetish/BDSM stories. Currently her writing focus is her Turn the Key series, a collection of erotic novels. Identifying as pansexual, Sunny enjoys creating content and writing stories that are inclusive of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities. Recently she has been venturing into the world of kink education podcasting, including hosting her own podcast, Naughty Talk with Sunny Leigh Mayne. Her new website live, with information about all of her content and current events!

VDMAC: (he/him)Tech Support and Possible Second Demo Partner is a kink educator, published author of fantasy novels, and wilderness survival enthusiast. Identifying as a Primal Dominant/Predator, he views Primal as an identity that is consistent with his lifestyle, and his decision to live in closeness with nature. Mac has presented classes for Charmed and Kink School and has appeared on the Naughty Talk Podcast as a regular cast member. Other lifestyle interests include sensual BDSM, DDLG, and hypnokink.