Wicked Rope Jam

  • Hosted by Wicked Grounds
  • San Francisco, CA -
  • 60 people on the list-

Want to hang out, socialize, and skill share with other rope lovers? Come join us in the Wicked Grounds Annex studio space every third Tuesday for a Wicked-ly fun Rope Jam!

Rope aficionados of all skill levels are welcome: whether you're a suspension expert and want to practice using the hard points or completely new to rope and more comfortable on the floor mats. Come with a partner or solo and meet fellow riggers, bunnies, or simply self-tie!

While this is not a class, your host Shibaretta will be available to help instruct, be a model, a rigger, or a self-tie follow-along!

Bring your own rope! If you don't have any, the lovely Wicked Grounds café next door has rope to purchase.

Event Rules

  • Ask for consent always!
  • Focus on socializing and skill sharing, not isolated scenes. Encourage others to ask questions or watch if you're doing advanced rigging!
  • There are limited hardpoints. Please be courteous of others waiting to use them.
  • Photography is allowed if consent of everyone in the photo is obtained. Feel free to take pictures of ties you're practicing, but avoid others in the background if they have not consented.


DISCLAIMER: Proof of vaccination is required for entry to this event. Physical vaccination card (or a picture of the card) and a photo ID must be presented at the door. Masks must be worn at all times by attendees.

This rope jam is held in the Wicked Grounds Annex (two doors down from the café). While the space is ADA friendly once upstairs, stairs at the front door are the only means of ingress and egress to the space.

This event is an inclusive, queer, and sex-positive safe space.

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