Wild Jam - Presented by Fae Tea and AfterDark

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Join us on a journey into the exciting world of primal play. Our monthly peer-led workshop has been designed for all experience levels - from beginners to advanced players. Wild Jam is for those who are eager to explore their primal kink in a safe, consensual, and fun environment. 

At the start of each workshop, we’ll go over the house rules and discuss or demonstrate an aspect of primal play. After that, you'll have the opportunity to engage in hands-on play sessions. These sessions are designed to foster an environment of mutual learning and sharing, so you can dive deeper into primal play with your fellow attendees. The focus is on experiential learning within a safe and structured container, helping everyone move at their own pace and comfort level.

After the Workshop, @Stopgap will keep the dungeon open for exclusive complimentary use by attendees of this class until 11 PM.


Wild Jam takes place at Stopgap - a historic space, near 9th and Mission, transformed by club lighting and an ambient music backdrop, this event promises an atmosphere where you can relax, learn, and release your primal instincts freely. The comfortable mats, atmospheric lighting, rhythmic music, etc. will enhance your learning experience, helping you immerse yourself fully in the primal ambiance.

Where could be a better place to learn new kinky skills than in an actual kink club? Stopgap is San Francisco's newest venue for the kink community. The building itself has a rich history in the kink community as one of the original locations of the SF Citadel. Much of the equipment on the floor was recovered from the Citadel's lost storage unit and subsequently restored for safe use. 

The first floor is fully accessible, with social and accessible play equipment - including suspension points. Descend into the 3100 square foot basement to play on equipment that many in the community may have enjoyed in days gone by plus some newer pieces from our collection. There are usually crosses, benches, tables, bondage chairs, cages, etc. laid out, but for Wild Jam we will be focusing floor play and putting out lots of mats..

Whether you're curious about how to start exploring your primal side or you're looking for a supportive community to share and grow with, Wild Jam is the perfect starting point. Come join us for an evening where you can let go of inhibitions and connect with your primal self in an educational, playful and welcoming setting.

Event Rules & Guidelines

  • Ask for affirmative consent before touching, engaging in play or escalation of play
  • Don’t cruise for play. Emphasize skill sharing, learning, and respectful socializing. Voyeurism is also encouraged as a learning tool.
  • Depending on the number of attendees, available play spaces may be limited. Be prepared to wait or get creative with your playspace.
  • Clean your mats after using them
  • No photography, please put phones away in your pockets, bags or the provided lockers.
  • Locker use is free but bring your own lock or buy one from Stopgap for $10.

Date and Time

The class will be on Thursday July 11, 2024 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Doors will open at 6:30 PM and close at 7:00 PM. Late arrivals will not be allowed to enter and not be refunded so please make sure you arrive before 7:00 PM.


Presale tickets are recommended to save money and secure your spot. If you haven’t; been to Stopgap before, you must buy a presale ticket to receive the venue address. If you have been to Stopgap before, you have the option of purchasing a ticket at the door.

Tickets are $25 in advance, or $35 at the door. Ticket fees are used to support the instructors and the venue.


Our events are inclusive celebrations where people of different ages, races, ethnicities, gender expressions, gender identities, sexualities, and abilities hold space together. Nurturing a spirit of acceptance, our gathering is an inclusive one that warmly welcomes everybody. While it doesn't dominate the narrative, the ethos of inclusivity is woven into the very fabric of the event, ensuring that each guest feels valued and celebrated.. We expect all guests to honor the diversity of our communities and we will not tolerate behavior or language to the contrary at our events.

About the Instructor

FaeTea, she/her, has been in the community for 10 years – savoring learning and experiencing all the kink scene has to offer and offering what she has in return. She is a thrilled and thrilling bottom, submissive, polyamorous, pansexual, queerling femme who lives all aspects of her life from a Primal headspace. When not being kinky, FaeTea explores the world through hikes, board games, and random crafts. She enjoys learning and using new skills, and working down with a book or a podcast.

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