YUMMY - All Asian Erotic Pole Dance and Burlesque Show

RITUALISTIC. INTIMATE. PRIMAL. LUXURIOUS. YUMMY is an immersive and theatrical pole dance show and burlesque experience.

Immerse yourself in a world where passion and power collide, leaving you breathless and craving for more.


These are just some of the words to describe the Siren Pack YUMMY Experience. We gather world class performers, pair down to our most primal nature and express exactly what makes us feel the MOST YUMMY.

Edge yourself. Unlock a new kink. Meet a new friend. Or simply enjoy erotic energy within the community of our lively and engaging audience."YUMMY" is an erotic gathering featuring the most provocative in Philadelphia's most gorgeous speakeasy.

This edition of our monthly YUMMY show features an ALL ASIAN cast, coproduced by Lady Rouge and Switchress Shay Au Lait.

Our Philly residency takes place at Velvet Whip, a gorgeous stunning speakeasy venue, located near 11th Street and Vine. The exact address will be sent to you with your ticket purchase, be sure to check your email confirmation for the location! (SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF YOUR EMAIL.) PLEASE DO NOTE, A MINIMUM OF A 2 DRINK PURCHASE IS REQUIRED.

Show elements based on venue may include - Pole Dance | Burlesque | Cabaret & Opera Singing | Kink & BDSM | Spoken Word & Storytelling | Drag | Flow Arts | Aerial Arts | Comedy | Theatre | GoGo Dancing | Ritual


  • Admission into the YUMMY erotic show.
  • Intentional and consensual ritual participation (Siren Pack shows are immersive and interactive. Choose your own journey and experience. Ex: might be lighting a candle, placing an object on an altar or a popup moment with a performer.
  • Communion Sacrament - In muggle terms, one sweet treat is included.


  • $60 for VIP Seating: VIP ticket holders have the best seats in the house and receive an abundance of attention and energy from our performers. The VIP Experience begins at 8:00 pm WITH the Sirens. After 8:45 pm, you may be seated at the discretion of Siren Pack which may include forfeiting your seat. If you arrive late, you may have to stand.
  • $40-45 for Reserved Seating: This ticket includes early entry beginning at 8:00 pm & reserved seating with preferential views. After 8:45 pm, you may be seated at the discretion of the Erotic Temple, which may include forfeiting your seat. If you arrive late, you may have to stand for the duration of the experience.
  • $30-35 for Standing Room: Standing room ticket holders may be standing or possibly seated if any seats remain after 9:00 pm. This depends on availability.

  • $500 for "The YUMMY Experience": Celebrate yourself by STARRING in a burlesque show. This is an EXCLUSIVE VIP Experience ticket for a party of up to 4 and only one experience is offered per Siren Pack show. Your ticket purchase includes:
  1. The Best & Premiere Seating for up to 4 including the Celebrated Person
  2. A YUMMY themed Burlesque Dance & Act by the Siren Pack Troupe with the Celebrated Person as the Star of the Act
  3. 4 signature cocktail drinks
  4. A VIP Celebration Gift from Siren Pack & our sponsors
  5. Digital Copy of your "The YUMMY Experience" shot by our professional videographer and photographer
  6. YUMMY Party Favors for your entire group

(The theme can be customized for all types of celebrations and are suitable for parties of 2 to 4! Email us at to tell us more about the Experience that you would like to curate and immerse yourself in! Themes may focus on birthdays, bach/erlor/etts, weddings, graducations, birthdays, milestones and significant transitions.)

For the adventurous, experimentalist, and curious who enjoy a healthy dose of the unknown, join us for YUMMY.


Our Founders and Producers are BLACK AF. Majority of our production team and our cast represent BIPOC people from all over the world. We center the black experience. We bring focus to BIPOC. And we welcome and celebrate everyone!


We welcome all love styles to use us as the best date night destination in Philadelphia. Whether you're monogamous, nonmonogamous or polyamorous, our community includes those of all love styles and is sex positive. Whether its the 1st date, the 10th or you're celebrating a milestone anniversary, we'd love to have you join us.


Our entire company and those we work with include many from all aspects and identities of the Queer community (LGBTQIA2S+) All are welcomed into our community no matter who you are or who you're into.


There are many areas of inclusivity any person or organization can choose to focus on. We are also keenly aware of how due to trending or more socially acceptable forms of inclusivity and diversity, there are times when marginalized and oppressed people fall further into the shadows of inclusivity. Noting this, we also tend to cast and produce on the fringes and within the shadows often overlooked.

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ABOUT SIREN PACK: An immersive & subversive burlesque variety company producing provocative experiences. Created in 2018 by a collective of BIPOC Queer Femme Producers, Siren Pack is known for its theatrical erotic shows,, corporate entertainment productions, and immersive event activations.

ABOUT VELVET WHIP SPEAKEASY: Velvet Whip is the ultimate hidden, Live Music, Performance Arts & Social Club, where passion and creativity converge to create an extraordinary experience. The Whip is an oasis for all music enthusiasts and performers, providing a platform where talents are celebrated and a sense of community thrives.

ABOUT SPEAKEASY NOIR: SpeakEasy Noir is a mind-body erotic wellness practice and immersive movement experience for intensely sensuous and deeply curious souls. Explore power, pleasure and play through archetypal exploration, sensual movement, erotic expression, freestyle flow, photography, burlesque, pole dance, enchantments, mind-body rituals, and creative healing arts. Explore shadow play for your shadow work.

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