Jedi Tranquility Sound Journey: Sound Bath Meditation w/ Mindful Micro Fusion Flow ft. Angelina Duran

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Jedi Tranquility Sound Journey:

Sound Bath Meditation w/ Mindful Micro Fusion Flow ft. Angelina Duran





πŸ’΅ Price πŸ’΅

$30 - Sound Bath + Social (quiet mindful micro)

$15 - Social only (quiet mindful micro)


πŸ€” About the Jedi Tranquility Sound Journey: Sound Bath, Meditative Micro ft. Angelina Duran 🀯

Soma Soul Movement offers a curated dance journey designed to connect with both the body and soul.

The journey begins with a mindful meditation and gentle movement practices aimed at slowing down and fostering presence in the moment.

Once grounded in our bodies, participants will explore various exercises to deepen understanding of the nervous system’s role in their dance practice.

Increased somatic awareness facilitates stronger connections to our surroundings, ourselves, and others.

Understanding how our subtle bodies influence these activities allows us to infuse dance with more pleasure and playfulness.

The workshop concludes with a deep relaxation session through immersion in a soothing sound bath, inducing a state of pure bliss before engaging in a night of meditative micro fusion dancing.

πŸ“… Schedule πŸ“…

7:45pm -- Doors open

8 - 8:30pm -- Communi-TEA and Opening Circle

8:30 - 9pm -- Somatic connection class

9 - 9:45 -- Sound Bath

9:45 - 10pm -- Closing Circle & CommuniTEA

10pm -- Meditative Micro Social ft. DJ Arman

🧳 Things to Bring 🩰

Non-street dance shoes or dance-able socks

πŸ‘– Things to Wear πŸ‘•

Avoid wearing jeans or constrictive pants to the workshop if you can.

πŸ’ƒπŸ» About Your Hosts πŸ’ƒπŸ»

ANGELINA DURAN is a LA based dancer dedicated in both movement practices and the healing arts.

Over the last two decades she has immersed herself in the world of dance, specializing in Lindyhop, West Coast Swing, Blues, Zouk, Contact Beyond Contact, and Fusion. Through these years of experience she’s cultivated a deep understanding of rhythm, expression, and connection through movement.

Beyond the dance floor, Angelina has created an extensive background in the healing arts with practices in bodywork, sound therapy, nervous system regulation, and somatic embodiment facilitation.

Now, she blends her expertise to create Soma Soul Movement. A somatic-based dance journeys, guiding individuals on transformative paths of self-discovery and deep connections. Join as we dance our way to self discovery to bring more joy to your dance practice.

PATRICK HAUGEN will be around to check you in and ensure water is filled and assist with any other needs.

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Message one of the organizers if having issues locating, but refer to the website for details first!

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