The future is Plura


Thank you for your support, participation, and encouragement over the last two weeks. Seeing our values reflected in your ideas was so helpful, further validating that we’re on the right track.

And now, without further ado, we are thrilled to announce our new name!


Plurality is a value we see embraced and championed in our communities, organizations, members, and our team.

We believe in abundance.

We believe that identities are multi-layered.

We believe that there are many ways to find love, security, and fulfillment.

And we have data to support this is true. The connections you make on our app (according to your stories) are diverse and abundant: fellow consent-geeks on Topic Discussions, hiking partners, rope buddies, metamours, lovers, partners, besties, a nice person you met at poly happy hour . etc etc.

We wanted a name that hints at the multitude of possibilities and variate of friends, lovers, and community available on your journey.

That’s what Plura means to us. What does it mean to you?

What happens now?

  • For Google Android users, we will get the app back online asap. The issues are still not resolved. We will continue maintaining the live update page with a weekly update and will email you once this is resolved.
  • For Apple users, no action is needed. The app will update automatically.


Q: What’s changing?

Our name, including our app name, our website (, our instagram handle (though if you’re already following us on IG you don’t have to do anything), our emails (,, and the name of our membership (Plura Plus).

Q: When is it changing?

The full transition will take time. 

Q: What’s not changing?

The name change might have cost us multiple precious weeks of work but it has not impacted our roadmap, strategy, or goals. Our goal is clear: to become the go-to platform for experience seekers and community builders to organize, meet and belong

Our community guidelines, consent, personal accountability, and inclusion continue to guide all of us to show up with curiosity, speak up, welcome feedback, and prioritize diverse voices.

Q: What other names did you consider?

WOW! There are so many. We journeyed in many directions, exploring wildflowers, ancient Greek and Latin roots, tarot cards. We love that a group of Otters is called Romp(ers!) and wish someone came up with a better word as the anti to despair than Respair.

We contacted you to help us find a name that captures everything our community represents. In the Question of Today, we asked what the platform means to you and what name you would choose if you could. By emailing us and answering the questions on the app, you added hundreds of names and meanings to the pool.

Here’s a word cloud of what the app means for you:

Here’s a word cloud of potential names you shared. A note about Blossom. While we love the name Blossom too, we learned that many other apps do as well, and we decided against it to ensure that our new name is easy to find:

Thank you all so much for your support, participation, and loyalty. We’re so grateful to have a community like you here at Plura.


The Plura Team

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