Multi-account linking (without the hierarchy)

For Throuples, Polycules, Partycules, and Comets


My Relationship Ecosystem

Describe the relationships that are already in the mix, your agreements, and your desired relationship system.


My Significant Relationships

Link as many profiles as you want,
for any reason that feels right to you.

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FAQ- Account linking

How do I link an account with my profile

To link your account, share your personalized link with your people. Once they accept the invitation, your accounts will be connected.

To find your personalized link:

Go to your profile on Bloom -> scroll to the middle of the page "My Significant Relationships" -> press the + sign -> copy the link.

How many accounts can I link with?

As many as you want (as long as the other party is consenting to it).

I received an invitation to link my account with someone. What now?

Once you click the account linking invitation you will be prompted to accept the invitation. If you close the app or dismiss the invitation, your accounts will not be linked.

If you click "accept", your accounts will be linked, and you will be shown on each other's profiles.

Every time you click on the link, the invitation will resurface.

I see a message that the invitation expired. What now?

The personal invitation link expires every 72 hours. If the link expires, ask your connection to send you a new one.

What does it mean to have my account linked with other people?

Technically, when accounts are linked, you will be shown on each other's profiles.

Emotionally, the meaning can be everything or nothing. We recommend that you check in with yourself and your partners before adding profiles to your accounts.

How do I unlink accounts? What happens when I do this?

To unlink accounts, go to your profile and click "remove" next to the profile of the account you want to unlink.

Once you unlink an account, you will be removed from each other's profiles, but you will remain buds.

The member will not be notified that the unlinking happened.

Who should I link my account with?

We believe that many relationships deserve to be recognized: throuples, partners, lovers, dom/sub, sexy-besties, polycules, partycules.... what else will you come up with?

How to sign up to be a SuperBloomer?

If you have the Bloom Community app already installed you can click here.

If this didn't work, here's the step-by-step walkthrough:

  1. Download Bloom Community on your app store
  2. Open the Bloom App
  3. Go to your 👤 profile (right icon on the bottom menu)
  4. At the top of the profile page, click on on the flower icon next to your name. this should open the SuperBloomer Module
  5. Upgrade your account to a SuperBloomer membership
  6. On the events tab (left icon on the bottom menu) you should be able to see the event with the RSVP option unlocked
  7. Once RSVPed, you will receive the ticket information via email within 3 days.
  • Note: Regardless of your RSVP status on the app, If you are not a SuperBloomer you will not be able to join the event.

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SoulPlay Promo.png

I believe I’ve met all but two partners on Bloom and gained some meaningful friendships in this past year that I’ve been using it. And if not connecting directly via budding, then through an event posted on Bloom.


As an event producer we couldn’t ask for more in a collaboration. It was a win/win/win all around. As a community based in creating connections Bloom was a perfect fit for our participants.

Misha Bonaventura,
Bonobo Network

I met my partner through a match on bloom while I was using it just for events. We were both solo-poly, single parents. Now we are working to blend our families, essentially living together, ana have (appily) gone exclusive. I still use Bloom for events.


My partner and I initially connected on Bloom before meeting up in person a few days later at a Halloween party. And tonight, we’re signing the lease for our first house together! I don’t think we would have ever connected if it wasn’t for Bloom, so I’m hugely grateful to the app for this deeply meaningful relationship in my life.


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Community values


At its best, consent is an ongoing collaboration between two or more people in constant verbal, physical, and emotional dialogue about what each other needs to willingly, safely, and pleasurably engage in an interaction with one another*


Specifically, Personal Accountability. We are risk aware, and respect our own and others’ boundaries. We take responsibility for our behavior. We seek to apologize well for the harmful consequences of our actions.


We are power informed, and give the stage to marginalized voices. We will not tolerate any sort of sexism, racism, transphobia, fatphobia, or ableism.


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