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The Skin Deep and Plura share the commitment to creating experiences that facilitate human connections. We've integrated our products into a single in-app experience.

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Every day, you can check the "For You" tab to find a daily question from The Skin Deep, drawn from their acclaimed {The And} and Honest-X question decks.

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See what others responded and share moments of vulnerability and connection with the community.

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I believe I’ve met all but two partners on Bloom and gained some meaningful friendships in this past year that I’ve been using it. And if not connecting directly via budding, then through an event posted on Bloom.


I met my partner through a match on bloom while I was using it just for events. We were both solo-poly, single parents. Now we are working to blend our families, essentially living together, ana have (appily) gone exclusive. I still use Bloom for events.



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