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What is Plura?

Plura is the social app for edge-of-culture communities that helps you meet people organically through shared events. We collaborate with event organizers whose events facilitate connection and community. These groups are often at the boundary of culture, exploring new ways to connect authentically, approaching life with a learning mindset, and creating a more community-minded future. In Plura’s app, you can discover events, become Buds with people, and join community conversations. We want to live in a world where all people have the felt sense of safety and belonging that comes when you've found your community.

How do I join?

First, download our app from the App Store or Google Play. You can become Buds with people and chat 1:1. You can also join events - with your Buds or solo - and find people who are interested in the same events and experiences as you.

Who is Plura for?

We welcome everyone 18+ who shares our community values and is looking for connection. On Plura, you can connect organically with burner, queer, artist, creative, polyamorous, wellness, kink, conscious, spiritual, and alternative communities through meaningful shared experiences. We strive to be inclusive for all sexual and relationship orientations, gender identities, and interests. You are welcome here.

How does Buds work?

Every day, we offer you five suggestions of people in the community that we think you might like to meet. Your suggestions are based on the preferences you share with us. You become Buds with someone when you tap "Bud" and they do as well - it's a consent-based mutual opt-in. No unsolicited DMs on Plura!

How much does Plura cost?

Right now, it's free! We have a premium membership, called SuperBloomer that offers premium dating and premium events benefits. Read more here.

Is Plura a dating app?

Plura is a community app and people use it to make all types of connections. When you Bud someone and they Bud you back, you can chat 1:1 - and then you both can decide what form that connection will take. If you're interested, you can flirt with your Buds and we'll let you both know if the flirt is mutual.

When are you coming to my city?

Soon! We are determining which cities to launch next based on sign-ups. If you want to see us live in your city, share us with your friends and have them sign-up, and let us know about event organizers in your area who you think should list their events on Plura (you can email intros to Once we see a lot of interest, we'll go live! You can also sign up for our newsletter to stay posted.

What are SuperBloomers?

SuperBloomer are members of the community whose financial support makes Plura possible. Plura is created by a small team in the community who work on Plura full time. Our philosophy is that everyone should have access to Plura to find connection and community regardless of their personal financial resources. SuperBloomers get premium dating and event benefits Read more here.

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