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A Positive Test

I’m late in sending this out, but I’m happy to report that I was offline all weekend and was hanging out with my friends.

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Who belongs at Pride?

2024 was Plura’s forth year at SF Pride. This year, we set up a booth at Leather Alley (Pride’s 18+ area) alongside some of our favorite Bay Area organizers and were happily sandwiched between Wicked Grounds and AfterDark 🥰 . I loved giving out iced coffee with our amazing volunteers, becoming the swag table for other organizers, and connecting with my Sex+ community!

There is much online discussion about whether Kink should be part of Pride. I found the comments on this post interesting because they helped me understand people’s perspectives on this topic. Then there is the question of whether polyamory belongs at Pride. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

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Sex negative internet

I’ve written many times about how messed up it is that content creators can’t write orgasm on IG or charge for their sex-skills workshops through Stripe. A few weeks ago, Etsy joined the censorship party, announcing that by the end of July, all sex toys and most sexual art (like t-shirts with “daddy” print) will be removed from the platform. As always, this will disproportionally impact small businesses who rely on these platform to do business. Read one of these sad stories here and buy custom glass toys while at it.


Sexual engagements and viruses go together like peanut butter and jelly

This spring, I attended several retreats with my favorite Bay Area communities. Despite thoughtful COVID-19 protocols (including tests upon entry), several events became super-spreaders of COVID-19. At about the same time period, I tested positive for HPV despite being vaccinated and following safer sex protocols.

These two experiences led me to recognize some implicit assumptions I carry along the lines of following the “protocols” will ensure safety.


The (er) in Safer

I haven’t heard of a way to entirely eliminate all the emotional, physical, and psychological risks associated with engaging with other humans (sexually or otherwise). I believe that instead, we should engage in behaviors that reduce risk and mitigate harm. To do this, we need to educate ourselves on our risk profile, risk tolerance, and the potential impact of our actions, and learn how to communicate and navigate decisions related to these issues.

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Start here

I am thrilled to invite you to a shame-free and free-of-charge set of workshops from three incredible educators that will help you feel confident and responsible as you navigate the terrain of dating and playing with new partners. This workshop is free and will be recorded for viewing after the event is over. Register here.

Wednesday 7/10:

4:15pm PT / 7:15pm ET: Opening Circle with me (Noa Elan)

4:30pm PT / 7:30pm ET: Everything You Need to Know about HPV with Mara Roy

5:30pm PT / 8:30pm ET: Your Safer Sex Roadmap with Reid Mihalko

7pm PT / 10pm ET: Safe Slutting with Herpes with Safe Slut (aka Cassie Black)

banner for the STI empowerment sypmosium

Burning questions about STIs?

Join the event chat now and get the perspective of award-winning infectious disease specialist Andreas M. Kogelnik, MD, PhD. With a background in bioengineering and infectious diseases and over 20 years or experience, Dr. Kogelnik has a wealth of knowledge on the topic. Dr. Kogelnik will be answering questions on the chat (in-app) and throughout the symposium. 


My burning question: why are BDSM communities so into metal music?



See you next week.


Noa Elan

Community Builder | Plura




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