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Rainbow washing in..


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Now that we got it out of the way.. Let’s shift our attention to the amazing communities, events, and people that create spaces for LGBTQIA+ people to self express, belong, and connect. You can find them on:


Ouch, Pope Francis.

I always hoped that Pope Francis cursed behind closed doors. But not like this. 🤢 According to reports, during a closed-door conference with Italian bishops, the Pope said that there are “too many frociaggine” in some Catholic seminaries, a slur that roughly translates to “faggotness” or “faggotry. Since, the Vatican has issued an apology. The article captures the story, and also summarizes all the pro and anti LGBTQIA+ actions taken by the current Pope.


Thank you Sex Workers 👏

June 2 marks International Whores’ Day, otherwise known as International Sex Workers’ Day, a day dedicated to advocating for sex workers’ rights and raising awareness about their often exploitative working conditions. Tryst.link shares that the origins of the annual observance can be traced back to June 2, 1975 in France, when sex workers and their allies stormed and took over the Saint-Nizier church in Lyon. Although demands for legal protections were not met at the time, a movement of sex worker’s rights was born.

I appreciated all the knowledge I gained by reading through Tryst.link’s Whores Day Civilian Quiz, and recommend checking it out. Also, pulling from Tryst.link here are ways everyone can support Sex Workers: listen to Sex Workers: Speak up, intervene (especially in public spaces), and donate.

Carvell Wallace reading

Would you rather be single on dating apps or unemployed on LinkedIn?

There are a few things that dating and job searching have in common: unrealistic expectations, high disappointment rate, no clear decision criteria, unbalanced marketplace...I am undecided about the trend of infusing the dating-search with tactics previously used for career-search, like personal websites, business cards, and powerpoints. If anything- I hope people are using notion templates to manage their dating pipeline.

What I’m a f-no to is using the career channels for dating purposes. Despite this article that claims it’s a legitimate tactic I think it’s an nonconsensual behavior, and one that leads to a lot of harm. Search “LinkedIn is not a dating site” and see the horror (example).

source: https://imgflip.com/tag/job+interview?sort=top-2023-11

Are you cheating on your partner with a bot?

Last week I binge watched the full documentary about Ashly Madison and I have so many feelings! About infidelity, terrible business practices, dating-marketplace dynamics, power, and justice. I’ll probably try and write a full blog post about this. Until then, I highly recommend catching up on this perspective from Allie Hoffman (host of the feels).

Related to risks associated with being on dating sites, a recent study conducted by the security website Privacy Journal identifies the safest (and most dangerous) states for online dating. Nevada, Alaska, Georgia and Florida had the highest risks when trying to meet a partner online, per the study.


Finally, I’ll close my email and thank Stormy Daniels, award winning director, writer & adult film star for being so brave, taking the stand and speaking the truth in a room full of liars. More appreciations here.



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