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There is something really hot about ephemeral moments of deep connection. The ability to go deep with someone, quickly, and without expectations for future connection. If you’ve been to Burning Man or fantasized about having sex with a stranger, you probably know what I’m talking about.

For me, vulnerable questions are a path such moments. These allow me to drop into deep intimacy with anyone, a bubble of connection and openness that lasts for about 120 seconds. I see similar experiences on our Bloom chats and workshops, where people share their feelings with “strangers” in a brief moment of intimacy.

Today, Bloom Community and The Skin Deep are delighted to unlock more opportunities for connection and self-expression.

Starting today, you will find a daily question, from The Skin Deep card collection, in the “For You” tab on the Bloom Community App. Once you answer the question, you will have access to a chat where you will be able to read through other members’ answers and engage in conversation. 

And with sweet ephemerality, the chat and all the answers will disappear within a day, making space for a new opportunity to connect.

The Skin Deep and Bloom share the commitment to creating experiences that facilitate human connections. The Skin Deep cards, live events, and interactive videos are all designed to make people self-reflect, self-express, and connect. As the owner of many The Skin Deep products, I can testify that this is exactly the impact their products had on my life. I invite you to explore all the decks from TSD including Honest-X, {The And} for couples and for kids. Check out special promotion for Bloom members on:

We invite you to slow down, open your heart, and share something meaningful with the community.

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