Weekly Seeds | February 4th, 2024 | The Anti-Anti-Valentine's

the anti-anti-valentines

First thing, PSA: nude photos are a hard no on Bloom. This week I saw too many dick pics in our member reporting system. Non-consensual nude photos are a form of sexual harassment and sexual violence. If you currently have a nude photo on your profile, please remove it. If you see one on Bloom- please report the profile. Read more: Consent and Safety at Bloom


It’s February! What’s your POV on Valentine’s?

I spent the weekend in my living room churning as many heart-shaped postcards as humanly possible. “Happy Valentine’s Koa,” “Happy Valentine’s Alia,” “Happy Valentine’s Ocean,” “Happy Valentine’s Mahina,” and so on. 50 heart-shaped cards. A card for every person in my kid’s class.

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When you’re 8 years old, everyone gets to be seen, appreciated, connected, and celebrated on Valentine's Day. However, once we hit teenage years, society and capitalism teach us that love is scarce, that love is a thing that happens between 1 man and 1 woman, that love is something that is measured through money spent on gifts, and that if you don’t have all of the above: you have failed.


Reclaiming Valentine’s

Instead of going anti-Valentine’s, we decided to go all-in this year and reclaim it as love-fest for all. We’re taking a stand beyond heteronormativity and coupledom to include ALL relationships and expressions of connections. 

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Beyond heteronormativity and coupledom workshops

This month, Check out Bloom’s online education workshops, including Neurodiversity and Polyamory (tomorrow), Restorative Justice in RelationshipsAttuned SpankingExploring Asexuality, and Throuples or Nothing.


Love on your metamour

Metamours are your partners’ partners. My relationships with my metamours are among the most joyful, complicated, and delicate relationships I’ve built. This month, we invite you to connect with your metamours by sending them a postcard.

Bloom will send you a pack of 5 postcards with original designs by award-winning designer (and my metamour) Anna D. Hirsch. Profits from postcard sales will be donated to OPEN (Organization for Polyamory and Ethical Non-monogamy).

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Get your postcards on: Bloomcommunity.com/metamour


Celebrate Valentine’s with your type of humans

Go out and play! Our app is bursting with events this month: Rope jams, pujas, dance classes, performances, etc. If you’re into hosting public events, don’t forget to add them to Bloom (start here). 

And if you host sexy events, here’s a sexy-party playlist from William Winters, Co-CEO of Bonobo Network, who sets the vibe for thousands of people to get laid at his events.

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See you next week!


Noa Elan

Community Builder | Bloom


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