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What is Plura?

Plura is the social app for edge-of-culture communities that helps you meet people organically through shared events. We collaborate with event organizers whose events facilitate connection and community. These groups are often at the boundary of culture, exploring new ways to connect authentically, approaching life with a learning mindset, and creating a more community-minded future. In Plura’s app, you can discover events, become Buds with people, and join community conversations. We want to live in a world where all people have the felt sense of safety and belonging that comes when you've found your community.

Community Values

Our members share and upload these values.


At its best, consent is an ongoing collaboration between two or more people in constant verbal, physical, and emotional dialogue about what each other needs to willingly, safely, and pleasurably engage in an interaction with one another. Consent must be affirmative, competent, informed, unprepared, specific, and ongoing.


We express our interests, needs, and boundaries, which creates a shared space to connect and play. We choose discomfort over resentment and speak out when things don’t feel good. We equally invite people to communicate their experience whether it’s positive or negative.


To invite everyone to express themselves, organize, and connect, welcomed, and celebrated. Plura will not tolerate any sort of sexism, racism, transphobia, fatphobia, or ableism. Creating an inclusive and welcoming space requires work on all of our parts, especially those who have benefited from unequal power dynamics and move through the world with more privilege.

We hold each other accountable to these standards with our community reporting policy.

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