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Hello and Happy Pride!!! 

We're sending a special edition newsletter today to put some upcoming Bloom meetups on your radar, a ticket giveaway opportunity, and Bloom staff on a new kinky podcast. Enjoy! 

In case you missed it: We are SO excited for Pride Month at Bloom! In addition to our partnership with SF Pride, we’ve built event calendars for Pride events in LA, SD, and NYC 

BLOOM MEETUP: Let's Do the Sex

What’s better than sex-positive sketch comedy? The Bloom Team will be hosting a meetup ahead of the 6/23 show in Oakland!! Come join us and catch some laughs together :-) 

The show runs all through June, grab your tix now

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March with the Bloom Team + Community at the SF Pride 2022 Resistance Contingent! We'll be at the very front of the parade with the SF Pride Board and other partners. Eschewing the usual floats and music, representatives from about 20 diverse organizations will lead the Parade with an all-on-foot March down Market Street. We'd love to see you there!! 

See you there!


We're giving away SIX FREE TIX to Sonic Bloom this year!!

We'll give TWO TIX to the first THREE PEOPLE who refer FIVE FRIENDS to Bloom. Steps below:

  1. Click on your "Profile" tab in Bloom and scroll to the bottom
  2. Copy the referral link under "Be A Community Builder" 
  3. Share the link with your friends and communities
  4. The first 3 people with 5 friends joining Bloom via their link will win the tix
  5. Email promos@joinbloom.community or message the chat if you think you won
  6. We'll update you when the tix are all out

The 15th Annual SONIC BLOOM - 4 epic days & nights where art, music, performances, yoga, dance, workshops, installations, education, permaculture, camping, nature, science, social consciousness & community come together over the summer solstice weekend in pristine Colorado wilderness to co-create a unified field...

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BLOOM NEWS: Bloom Staff on Two Kinky Women

Bloom Community was recently featured on the 2 Kinky Women podcast! 

About Two Kinky Women: Are you new and curious about kink and don’t know where to start? Or are you a veteran in the Kink scene? Join Midnight Lady and Mistress Gabrielle where we discuss all aspects of kink and the BDSM lifestyle. BDSM, Power Exchange, Play, Fetishes, Relationships, etc. We talk about it all in our podcast!

Listen here!


In community,
Bloom Team