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Hi there lovely Bloom Community!

In this week's newsletter, we're announcing some feature updates, some Bloom-hosted meetups and talks, and our usual roundup of biweekly events. Hope you have a blast and make some awesome connections :-) 

BLOOM NEWS: A Note from our Founder

Launching today! Follow organizations, hear about events, and control notifications

  1. You can now follow organizations in Bloom - when you join events, you’ll be given the option to follow the organization
  2. You can follow or unfollow from the organization’s page and from settings
  3. When organizations you follow add new events, you’ll receive a push notification and see their event in the “Events you follow” section of the Events tab
  4. You can control your notification settings via the settings menu (the gear in the top right of your profile)

To read more about this and chat with the Bloom team, click the link below!

See the Update in Bloom

BLOOM SPOTLIGHT: Critical Poly Q's/Cues with Professor Kim TallBear

Bloom Community is coming together with the Canada-based, Indigenous woman-produced sexy storytelling show, Tipi Confessions, to host this special online event. Professor Kim TallBear studies Indigenous sexualities and sees ethical non-monogamy as a strategy for challenging settler colonialism. A professor in the Faculty of Native Studies at the University of Alberta, she is also known as The Critical Polyamorist

Join the Live Q&A here!


With a tight-wire Time Warp and high flying Columbia, this isn't your usual shadow-cast fare. It's not a film screening, it's a circus. Back for the first time since 2017, it's the Rocky Horror Circus Show: hotter, gayer, more experienced. Come dressed for a wild night, pants optional - masks required, and let us show you a weird time. We'll do the Time Warp again!

The show is live Thursdays-Saturdays from March 3rd-March 19th, with a Bloom meetup happening at 7pm on Friday March 18th. Join below:

Connect on Bloom



We're hosting a Bloom meetup for Rachel Lark's awesome new musical, followed by a panel/Q&A with sex/relationship experts. Save the date for Saturday, April 23rd's matinee show. This new, boldly sex-positive and brutally honest pop-rock musical comedy invites audiences on an exploration of kink, queerness, non-monogamy, and feminism. 

See you there!





In community,
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