Luna Ray, Founder Bloom Community   ·   Feb 22, 2022   ·   6 min read

DatingNews.com spotlights Bloom Community's Inclusive, Consent-Oriented Approach to Dating


“We put a lot of thought into how we designed the system to give non-cis, non-binary, trans, and gender nonconforming people as much power as possible in defining their gender identity and showing up to the people they want to be seen by.”

"We have a robust reporting policy, and any time we get reports from members, we review that pretty much immediately and remove profiles that are fake or unable to uphold our community values."

"We are a dating app, a social app, and an events app today. My hope is that over time, we can be a community resource and a place that you can come to for education."

- Luna Ray on DatingNews.com