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Bloom Community is now Plura.

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See what members have to say about us!

Building community is very important to me and Bloom helped me do that in a way I wouldn't be able to find anywhere else. Plus, the Bloom Team is responsive and professional - they were able to get my concerts into the system quickly so attendees could meet each other and connect.

Rachel Lark,

As an event producer we couldn’t ask for more in a collaboration. It was a win/win/win all around. As a community based in creating connections Bloom was a perfect fit for our participants.

Misha Bonaventura,
Bonobo Network

Our recent partnership with Bloom has added a new dimension to our events. Not only does Bloom increase the peer-driven awareness of the events, it creates a sense of community and belonging. We love the new level of sharing and interactivity that Bloom provides.

Cal Callahan,
Leather & LGBTQ Cultural District

We have had such a positive experience sharing our wellness events on Bloom. We've had incredible people discover our workshops and weekend retreats through Bloom - these people are open-hearted, engaged, and so aligned with our mission of developing a deeper sense of community. Bloom has had a direct impact on our ticket sales and our growing community.

Libby Craig,
The Optimist Collective

I'm so glad I found the Bloom app when I did. It was a total game-changer for us. Remarkably, ticket sales literally DOUBLED from our inclusion in their email newsletter. It was so awesome being able to engage with possible attendees, answer any questions, and get folks excited before the event. Thanks, Bloom!

Sarah Jane,
Little Gay Book Events


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Community values


Plura is committed to upholding best practices for consent between our events, organizers, and users. Consent must be affirmative, competent, informed, unprepared, specific, and ongoing.


Specifically, Personal Accountability. We are risk aware, and respect our own and others’ boundaries. We take responsibility for our behavior. We seek to apologize well for the harmful consequences of our actions.


Plura strives to be an empowering organization that platforms marginalized voices. We will not tolerate any sort of sexism, racism, transphobia, fatphobia, or ableism and are always trying to learn how the intersections of those identities inform our platform .