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Designed for less swiping and more meeting

We are building Bloom's membership to make it a no-brainer to go to events, attend workshops, and share meaningful experiences with others. Why? Because people who bud after events have a 10X better chance to match (vs. the traditional "swiping" on profiles). But we didn't really need the data to prove this..

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Introduce yourself

Select from 100 gender identities, tailor your interests and connection preferences, and find people who will embrace the real you

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Connection workshops, ecstatic dance, alternative speed dating, festivals, burner/conscious/kink/polyamory/queer community meetups, virtual events, and more

Meet new people

Join an event chat to meet the community before you go
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No more missed connections

Stay in touch with the people you meet at events and build your community

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Find community, friends, and partners

I believe I’ve met all but two partners on Bloom and gained some meaningful friendships in this past year that I’ve been using it. And if not connecting directly via budding, then through an event posted on Bloom.


As an event producer we couldn’t ask for more in a collaboration. It was a win/win/win all around. As a community based in creating connections Bloom was a perfect fit for our participants.

Misha Bonaventura,
Bonobo Network

I met my partner through a match on bloom while I was using it just for events. We were both solo-poly, single parents. Now we are working to blend our families, essentially living together, ana have (appily) gone exclusive. I still use Bloom for events.


My partner and I initially connected on Bloom before meeting up in person a few days later at a Halloween party. And tonight, we’re signing the lease for our first house together! I don’t think we would have ever connected if it wasn’t for Bloom, so I’m hugely grateful to the app for this deeply meaningful relationship in my life.


I'm so glad I found the Bloom app when I did. It was a total game-changer for us. Remarkably, ticket sales literally DOUBLED from our inclusion in their email newsletter. It was so awesome being able to engage with possible attendees, answer any questions, and get folks excited before the event. Thanks, Bloom!

Sarah Jane,
Little Gay Book Events

Community values


At its best, consent is an ongoing collaboration between two or more people in constant verbal, physical, and emotional dialogue about what each other needs to willingly, safely, and pleasurably engage in an interaction with one another*


Specifically, Personal Accountability. We are risk aware, and respect our own and others’ boundaries. We take responsibility for our behavior. We seek to apologize well for the harmful consequences of our actions.


We are power informed, and give the stage to marginalized voices. We will not tolerate any sort of sexism, racism, transphobia, fatphobia, or ableism.


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