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What is an androsexual?

An androsexual is a person who is sexually attracted to masculinity or male-associated qualities. This term was coined in the late 1990s to describe individuals who are sexually attracted to traits typically associated with traditional male gender roles, such as strength, independence, and authority.

Unlike other sexual identities, androsexuality has no set parameters for what constitutes an attractive masculine quality. Instead, it is more about recognizing what specifically draws an individual to another person that can be associated with masculinity. It does not necessarily indicate a preference for a particular gender identity or expression.

More about androsexuality

Androsexuality can be expressed in different ways depending on the individual's preferences. For some people, it might involve relationships with cisgender (non-trans) men while for others it could include relationships with any gender identity that they find attractive and masculine - including transgender or non-binary people.

Androsexuality also differs from homo/bisexuality in that it does not necessarily indicate a desire for any specific type of relationship or sexual activity. For example, some androsexual individuals may find themselves drawn to people regardless of their romantic availability or gender identity but not feel compelled to engage in any physical intimate activities with them.

Although there is still much research needed on this topic, this new identity has allowed many people to finally recognize themselves within the LGBT+ community and feel comfortable expressing their sexuality without feeling limited by traditional definitions of sexual orientation. As understanding of and acceptance of diverse sexual identities continues to grow, so too will our appreciation of the complexity that make up human sexuality – including the existence of androsexuals.

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