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What is a gynosexual?

Gynosexuality is a gender identity and sexuality that has been gaining a lot of attention in recent years. It is an orientation where people find themselves attracted to people of all or any genders, regardless of their assigned sex, but specifically to those who identify as female or feminine. Gynosexuals can be attracted to cisgender women, non-binary individuals who identify their gender as partially or wholly feminine, and transgender women.

Gynosexuality is often compared to pansexuality in that it involves attraction to people across the gender spectrum; however, there are important distinctions between the two orientations. Unlike pansexuals, gynosexuals primarily focus their attraction on those with female or feminine gender identities rather than being attracted to all genders equally.

More about gynosexuality

The term “gynosexual” was first used by trans activists in 2014 as an alternative to the word “lesbian” which has often been seen as exclusive of transgender women. The term quickly gained traction in the LGBTQIA+ community and beyond due to its inclusive nature – it speaks specifically about gendered attractions without making assumptions about someone’s sex assigned at birth or body parts.

For some gynosexuals, their identity may be closely linked with feminism and queer theory due to its focus on dismantling traditional gender roles and embracing femininity in all forms. For others, it may be less politically charged – simply a way for them to express their attractions and identify themselves within the spectrum of human sexuality.

Ultimately, gynosexuality is a relatively new label that provides an inclusive way for individuals to express their identity and sexuality without feeling constrained by traditional definitions of attraction. Whether you identify as gynosexual yourself or simply accept it as a valid orientation, it’s important that we respect everyone’s right to self-identify without judgement or assumption based on preconceptions about sex, gender, and sexuality.

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