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What is compersion?

Compersion is a term used in polyamorous relationships to refer to the feeling of joy that comes from seeing someone else experience love or happiness. It is similar to the concept of empathy, but focuses more on being happy for another person's joy instead of feeling their pain or sorrow. Compersion can be experienced by all members of a relationship, whether they are in primary or secondary roles.

Compersion is based on the idea that our happiness does not come from comparison or competition with others, but rather when we celebrate each other’s success and happiness. In polyamorous relationships, it allows for multiple partners to feel deeply connected with each other without jealousy getting in the way. This can create an atmosphere where people feel secure and loved because they know their partner’s feelings are genuine and not based on feelings of envy or possessiveness.

More about compersion

The concept of compersion has been around since at least 1967 when it was first introduced in Dr Fred Burrowes’ book “The Art and Science of Love." Since then it has become increasingly popular among those involved in non-traditional relationships as a way to build trust and foster intimacy within them.

In addition to helping people navigate polyamorous relationships with ease, compersion also applies outside these contexts as well— wherever love exists there is potential for compersion too! When we allow ourselves to be present and fully appreciate another person’s joy without feeling jealous or threatened by it, we develop deeper connections both with others and within ourselves.

So next time you see your partner excited about something new they're experiencing—whether it's a new job opportunity, an exciting trip they're taking with friends—try practicing compersion instead of letting envy creep in; you might just find yourself filled with even more joy than before!

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