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What is kitchen table polyamory?

Kitchen Table Polyamory, also known as KTP, is a type of relationship model that promotes communication and understanding between partners. Unlike other relationship models such as monogamy or swinging, KTP focuses on the development of strong relationships between multiple partners without any expectation of exclusivity.

More about kitchen table polyamory

KTP encourages what is known as “compersion,” which is the feeling of joy one experiences when their partner has found happiness with someone else. This concept differs from traditional monogamous relationships which often require exclusivity and possessiveness in order to maintain the relationship dynamic. In contrast, KTP allows for freedom among partners to develop relationships with others so long as all involved parties remain honest about their activities and intentions.

The key element to kitchen table polyamory is communication. Partners who participate in this type of relationship must be willing to talk openly and honestly about their feelings for each other and for any new partners they may bring into the arrangement. All parties must be given space to express themselves without fear of judgment from others in order for this model to work effectively. Additionally, boundaries should be established within each individual's comfort level so that everyone involved can feel secure in their respective roles within the dynamic.

The main difference between kitchen table polyamory and other types of non-monogamous arrangements is its emphasis on communication over control or competition among partners. By placing importance on understanding one another’s needs rather than expecting exclusivity from one another, those who practice kitchen table polyamory are better able to form meaningful connections with more than one person at a time while still respecting each other’s autonomy within the dynamic.

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