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What is primal fetish?

Primal fetish is a type of sexual fetishism that involves the use of animalistic behaviors, such as growling and biting, during sexual encounters. It is commonly referred to as an "animalistic" or "caveman" style of sex. Primal fetish has been around for centuries and can be found in numerous ancient cultures, from the Aztecs to ancient Greece.

More about primal fetish

Primal fetish can involve role-playing between partners, where one partner adopts the role of a feral animal while the other acts as their human lover. During this type of play, partners may engage in biting and scratching each other, growling or barking at one another and even emitting scents reminiscent of animal urine or musk. This type of behavior is usually accompanied by intense physical pleasure for both partners involved.

The appeal of primal fetish lies in its ability to allow people to express their wild side without fear or judgment from society. By engaging in primal behavior with their partner they are able to explore different aspects of sexuality that they may not have felt comfortable expressing before. It also encourages emotional bonding between partners due to its highly intimate nature - something that traditional sex doesn't always provide - making it an attractive option for many couples looking to add some excitement into their relationship.

At its core however, primal fetish is simply another form of consensual BDSM play between adults who understand that it should only be done with mutual respect and understanding between all parties involved. It requires clear communication between partners before engaging in any activities and should never involve any non-consensual actions such as choking or serious physical harm being inflicted upon either partner - so if you're interested in exploring this type of activity make sure you do your research first!

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