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What is post-orgasm torture?

Post orgasm torture (POT) is a BDSM practice that involves providing intense stimulation to the genitals after orgasm. This form of play usually involves using physical and psychological sensations to increase the intensity of the experience. It can include anything from spanking and flogging to pleasurable pain such as hot wax or pinching.

More about post-orgasm torture

For those new to POT, it’s important to start slowly and communicate with your partner about what makes you comfortable and what you’re interested in trying. This type of play should always be consensual and discussed beforehand so that both partners know exactly what they are getting into. Another important factor is setting boundaries; this helps ensure everyone involved feels safe during the session.

POT can be an incredibly enjoyable experience for both partners when done correctly, providing an intense level of stimulation that surpasses traditional BDSM activities. For some, it can also help create a deeper connection between two people as they explore their desires together in a safe environment. Additionally, many couples find POT helps them get out of their heads by focusing on physical sensations rather than mental ones.

Post orgasm torture is a form of BDSM play that involves stimulating the genitals after climaxing in order to enhance pleasure or create interesting sensations for both parties involved. To safely enjoy this activity, it’s important for everyone involved to discuss expectations beforehand while also taking time to establish boundaries and listen carefully throughout each session in order maintain mutual comfort levels throughout the entire experience.

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