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What is autofellatio?

Autofellatio is a sexual act where one person performs oral sex on themselves. It is considered an extreme form of self-love, and has long been shrouded in mystery and taboo. Autofellatio can be both physically and psychologically challenging, but it is possible for those with the right body type and flexibility to achieve it.

More about autofellatio

The ability to successfully perform autofellatio depends largely on physical factors such as body size, flexibility, penis length, and core strength. Men with shorter torsos are more likely to be able to do so because there is less distance for the penis to travel from its starting point near the anus up toward the mouth. Those who are more flexible or have greater core strength may also find it easier than others due to their increased range of motion.

For those who want to attempt this feat, safety should always be a top priority. It's important not to strain any muscles or cause yourself pain in order to avoid injury or damage during the act. Lubrication may be necessary in some cases depending on how much friction occurs when performing autofellatio - this can help reduce discomfort and make it easier overall. Additionally, some people prefer using aids such as pillows or cushions which can provide support while they're performing the act itself.

Autofellatio is an extreme form of self-love that requires a certain level of physical ability in order for someone to successfully perform it safely without injury or discomfort. Although there are many potential risks involved with trying this out - including muscle strain or overstretching - those who are willing can learn if they have the right body type by experimenting safely under their own discretion with any necessary precautions taken into account beforehand .

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