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What is fellatio?

Fellatio is a sexual act involving oral stimulation of the penis. It is commonly referred to as "oral sex" or "blowjob", and is often performed by a partner on their partner as part of foreplay or during intercourse. This intimate act can be incredibly pleasurable for both partners involved and can lead to intense orgasms for both parties.

More about fellatio

To perform fellatio, the giver will use their mouth, lips, and tongue to stimulate their partner's penis. The giver may also use their hands and fingers in conjunction with oral stimulation, as well as add saliva to intensify the sensation. Fellatio can also involve taking the entire penis into the mouth if desired.

Fellatio can be an incredibly enjoyable experience for all partners involved, providing a unique physical sensation that cannot be replicated through other forms of sexual activity. Many men find that they are able to achieve intense orgasms through this activity alone, while women may find it just as pleasurable when performing it on their partner due to its intimate nature.

If you are interested in trying out fellatio with your partner, communication and consent are key! Make sure you discuss what type of stimulation each person wants before engaging in any kind of oral sex play so that everyone involved feels comfortable and safe during the experience. Proper lubrication should also be used when engaging in this activity to ensure comfortability throughout the duration of time spent enjoying it together!

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