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What is spitroast?

Spitroast is a sexual act that involves two or more people. It’s a popular position in the BDSM and fetish communities, as it offers exciting new ways to explore pleasure and pain. In the spitroast position, one person lies on their stomach while the other straddles them from behind. A third person then kneels or stands facing them, allowing for all participants to engage in penetrative sex simultaneously.

More about spitroast

Spitroast can be an incredibly pleasurable experience for all involved, as each participant experiences different sensations depending on their role within this threesome. For example, being the partner in front means that they get to enjoy both external and internal stimulation at once. The partner on top can also choose between thrusting slowly to build anticipation or faster and harder to reach a climax quickly. Meanwhile the partner behind will get full access to both partners’ bodies while enjoying deeper penetration due to the angle of entry created by this threesome position.

It’s important for those engaging in spitroast activities that they discuss safety precautions beforehand, such as using condoms and lube during sex play. They should also make sure everyone involved is comfortable with any potential risks that come with participating in these activities before engaging in any kind of contact with one another. Additionally communication between all parties is key; each person should feel free to express what works for them during sex play so everyone gets maximum pleasure out of it!

Spitroast can be an incredibly enjoyable sexual experience for those who are into exploring new positions and intensifying sensation play between multiple partners at once!

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