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What is a sybian?

Sybian is an electronic sexual device designed to provide extreme pleasure for women. It is a saddle-like machine that can be mounted on top of a sturdy platform and used to stimulate the clitoris, vulva and vagina. The machine uses vibrators, pulsators, and rotational motion to bring its user to orgasm. Sybian has become a popular tool amongst those seeking strong sexual stimulation or heightened pleasure during intercourse.

More about sybians

The device was first introduced in 1987 by Dave Lampert and has been constantly updated since then with new models featuring even more powerful vibrations, pulsations and rotations. The name “Sybian” comes from the combination of two Greek words “syb” meaning ‘to join together’ and “ianos” meaning 'of the gods'. This alludes to the divine pleasure that users experience when being stimulated by this device.

When using sybian, it's important for users to take precautions for their physical safety such as using lubrication with the attachments, securing it properly so it won't move around too much during use, adjusting the speed settings according to their own needs and desires. In addition, mental safety should also be taken into consideration when using this device as intense feelings can quickly arise which can be overwhelming if not prepared for them properly in advance through relaxation techniques or communication with your partner.

The sybian is an electronic sexual device designed specifically for women's satisfaction and pleasure which utilizes vibration patterns combined with various movements such as pulsation or rotation in order to bring its users close towards orgasmic release if not fully there yet. It's important that proper precautions are taken when using this machine both physically as well as mentally in order for its user to receive maximum benefit out of it safely without any risks involved.

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