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What is facesitting?

Facesitting is a sexual practice that involves one person sitting on the face of their partner. This can be used as a form of foreplay or as a way to increase pleasure during sexual intercourse. It has been known to lead to intense stimulation and increased pleasure for both partners.

More about facesitting

Facesitting is sometimes referred to as queening, and it has become more popular in recent years due to its ability to create intense sensations for both partners. The dominant partner sits on the face of their submissive partner, which allows them to control the depth and angle of penetration. This can be incredibly pleasurable for both parties, especially when combined with other forms of BDSM play such as bondage or spanking.

The safety aspect should not be overlooked when engaging in facesitting; both partners need to ensure that they are comfortable with each other and agree on any boundaries beforehand. Additionally, breathing should always be monitored during this type of activity in order to ensure that the bottom partner does not suffer from oxygen deprivation or suffocation.

If done correctly, facesitting can lead to an incredibly pleasurable experience for both partners; however it’s important that everyone involved is aware of all safety considerations before engaging in this activity. With proper communication and preparation between all parties, facesitting can provide an incredible level of stimulation and pleasure for everyone involved!

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